What does being an artist mean?
Having an inner creativity and possessing the means through which to express it.
What does one need in order to engage in any art form?
Discipline, concentration, patience, supreme concern.
From “The  Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm 1956.


part. Bacio Klimt (ita) OMAGGIO A KLIMT
2018 (50802) (Custom) (ita) Croce s. Francesco a Malta
OPERA UNICA (ita) Arcangelo Michele Patrono della Polizia
P1050659 (ita) Opere di luce
P1050036 (ita) KOINE’
porta bronzo (ita) Porta dell’Annunciazione
WP_20171029_15_51_54_Pro (ita) Croce del Vento di Dio
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (ita) Restauro S.Maria della Pace
l'angelo musicante finito-the musical angel finished Gentile da Fabriano
dipinto parietale Painting
P1020174 (Medium) Restoration
P1070728 Sculptures
Andra Ippoliti at work