What does being an artist mean?
Having an inner creativity and possessing the means through which to express it.
What does one need in order to engage in any art form?
Discipline, concentration, patience, supreme concern.
From “The  Art of Loving” by Erich Fromm 1956.


angelo musicante Gentile da Fabriano
P1040501 Giotto
particolare da Pala d S. Egidio Beato Angelico Beato Angelico
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (ita) Restauro S.Maria della Pace
P1040730 Painting
il fronte del cassettone restaurato Restoration
WP_20160625_09_31_27_Pro Sculptures
carta_filigranata Terra del duca
emmaus x sito VirtuAlis
Andra Ippoliti at work