The art and restoration studio is specialised in paintings inspired by Gothic Italian works (tempera on a gold background), using the materials and techniques recommended by Cennino Cennini in his book entitled “Libro dell’Arte” (The Craftsman’s Handbook).

This volume, which was written in the 1300’s, is the most important treatise on painting in Italian art and one of the main ones for European art. It contains information on pigments and paintbrushes, on painting techniques and frescoes and provides advice and tricks of the trade. The book deals with the theme of colour, how to create colours naturally and how to use them, providing its own recipe book for each pigment or colorant. It deals with the theme of supports for drawing, the tools of the trade, the techniques for fresco painting, oil painting, for applying precious metals, for the formation of certain mordants, in particular an alum based one, as well as providing techniques for sculpture.  

In all of his works, Andrea Ippoliti adheres to the provided indications, using natural products and painting methods that are typical of medieval and renaissance art.