If you want to restore any type of ceramic,

take pictures of the whole and of details

on a clear background and light from above.

You can send them to me by email to:


or with WA at 393409303111

please write your name.

I will contact you as soon as possible to provide you

with one or more estimates.

In the meantime, you can watch this quick video

that illustrates you examples of my ceramic restorations




Spread the fragments on a clear and even surface .

If it is a vase, place it in front of an even surface, for example the wall of a wall, 

 standing with the camera with the light behind or to the side, never backlit.



I receive ceramics to be restored from all over Italy .

I will give you all the necessary information so that the ceramics can travel safely

without spending too much .


Any problem can be addressed that ceramic artefacts may present.

In restoring ceramics, long-lasting restorations are carried out,

both aesthetic and conservative, suitable for indoors or outdoors.

Bonding, carried out with special resins, return the same initial strength, before failure.

The restoration of superficial enamels can be performed

in a neutral (conservative) or invisible (aesthetic) way.

The pictorial retouches do not change over time.

In particular, the following are performed:

pottery restoration

restoration of terracotta,

restoration of majolica porcelain

restoration glass and opaline

 restoration of non-weldable metals

restoration of precious stones

plaster restoration

 Andrea Ippoliti restores any ceramic artefact: terracotta, majolica, third-fired majolica, luster majolica, stoneware, bisque porcelain, glazed porcelain. At the same time he also dealt with the restoration of: opalines, glass, precious stones, stones, marbles. The problems solved range from simple chipping to the reassembly of even 30 pieces for a decorated plate; from the complete makeover of a foot to the execution of complicated little snakes. The quality of the restoration guarantees: the non-modification of the materials and adhesives used over time, resistance to light for the colors used for retouching, resistance to atmospheric agents.