Restoration of painted furniture

We are able to deal with all the problems that a painted or lacquered piece of furniture may present, both as regards the structural section and the painted and / or gilded part.   

In the past, some furniture may have been painted using oil paints or tempera and over time these pieces present the same problems as panel paintings. Unlike panel paintings however, furniture suffers wear and tear much more, both due to poor maintenance and use.

It is often the case that the paints and lacquers on furniture are covered by varnishes that in many cases contribute to preserving the original paint. During the restoration phase, the difficulty lies in finding the right method and solvent to eliminate the repainted sections.  

If the original paint to be freed from repainted sections is tempera, then the paint-stripping job is relatively simple. If the original paint is oil based, then there may be several problems, and so we need to proceed very cautiously.  

Once the paint on the furniture has been freed from the patina of time or the repainted sections, we can proceed with the paint restoration with light stable colours, giving a finish that enables the furniture to actually be used.