We can create sculptures on request.  

Our modus operandi

Having grasped the client’s indications, we move on to a preliminary drawing that renders the idea of the sculpture that we intend to create. We then create a clay model, until such time as we attain the final result that is satisfactory for the client and meets his or her needs. 
From the model in clay, we create a silicone rubber mould and its offset.
Thanks to this mould we can now obtain the same sculpture in the following materials:

  • scagliola plaster
  • Brussels plaster
  • grey cement to imitate sandstone
  • white cement to imitate Carrara marble
  • wax to then be put into a foundry to obtain a bronze sculpture  
  • clay to obtain terracotta  
  • resin filled with marble dust  
  • glass and resin fibre for a light and larger sized sculpture  
  • expanded polyurethane  
  • chocolate for an edible sculpture  

Thanks to this method, we can obtain all the copies that we want, amortizing the initial work of modelling and moulding. 
On the aforementioned materials we can obtain practically infinite amounts of chromatic finishes, which are suitable both for interiors and exteriors, which are all proposed to and agreed upon with the client.