P1000647 (Mobile)An Artist, restorer, and sculptor, born in Senigallia, the city where he currently resides, in 1961.

At the age of 15 he begins painting as a self-taught artist. He attends the Liceo Scientifico (Science and Maths High School), where his art history teacher is maestro Romolo Augusto Schiavoni.  

Having graduated from high school, he joins Professor Schiavoni’s studio, and becomes his apprentice and assistant. He then goes on to work alongside him in the execution of his works, up to the time of his death.

He joins the ceramist’s workshop run by Amaranto Franco, with whom he collaborates for approximately 9 years, specialising in vase moulding and shaping in particular.

He attends a moulding course at the “Mengaroni” art institute in Pesaro, with maestro Renato Giavoli. He is awarded a diploma in sculpture from the Fine Arts Academy of Florence with maestro Vincenzo Bianchi.   

He is currently a moulding teacher at the ceramics course organised by the Municipality of Senigallia.

Gradually, and especially after frequenting the Florentine workshops, he becomes more and more specialised in the restoration of works of art (paintings on canvas and panels, gilding on wood, ceramics, glass, marble, precious stones, lacquered and painted furniture). Andrea Ippoliti focuses particularly on the study and utilization of ancient painting techniques, those in use from the 1300’s to the 1500’s, availing of natural products, such as egg tempera, gold leaf, casein, beeswax, and ox glue.