Exposure paintings
esposizione andrea ippoliti (3)

Exhibition of paintings taken from Giotto, Gentile Da Fabriano, Fra Angelico, Klimt

Evemto which was held July 3 to 7 , 2013, as part of the 14th exhibition of artistic


Inside the lab are works made in the last period .
They are paintings that analyze some details of the great painters mentioned , performed according to the original painting techniques .
You can also observe the methods , materials and tools used in a particular cognitive process .


From 3 to July 7, 2013 are presented at the workshop in Via Testaferrata , 3 in Senigallia , a few paintings , made by Andrea Ippoliti in the last period .

Were taken into consideration some details from the works of great painters such as Giotto, Gentile da Fabriano, Fra Angelico , Klimt, in order to satisfy the client, the purpose of which was to create and offer a gift that would bring him in some values ​​, such as:

• the absolute uniqueness of donated labor
• enhancement of the Italian artistic heritage
• knowledge of the life of the individual artist proposed
• The reasons for the historical / symbolic of the work from which he took inspiration
• come to the knowledge of painting technique with which the individual work was painted , the same as Andrea Ippoliti used
• having selected that particular because it was considered symbolically appropriate for the recipient
• entering the so -hidden artfully and a prayer / wish for the recipient


So the purpose of the works is not to be mere copies, but to be free and relatively faithful interpretation of the particular under consideration, in order to arouse emotions in the observer modern .


Having used the original techniques undoubtedly contributes to the achievement of this goal:
it is in fact :
• a fresco by Giotto
• egg tempera on gold for 24 Karati Gentile da Fabriano and Fra Angelico
• graining on gold by Gentile da Fabriano
• mixed media ( oil and tempera ) by Klimt