Angel from Woman with baby-Gentile da Fabriano-from Giotto to Gentile
da Giotto a Gentile

This panel painting was a gift very important for the closure of a service experience at a church community.

From painting by Gentile, was considered the Angel of the lower left corner made ​​by Gentile with the technique of graining on gold: Gentile was a leading figure in making the ethereal appearance of angels and light thanks to the use of this technique seems to have learned from the Gentile goldsmiths in northern Europe.

This particular was made with the same technique used by Gentile (Cennino told by Cennini in his Libro dell’Arte): the Angel was obtained with the help of tips agate appropriate that at every stroke gold give rise to a point of light more you hit with the tip of the gold surface, the greater the light that reflects this.

In the picture below you can see the entire board of Gentile and particularly examined.