Coronation of the Virgin, Gentile da Fabriano
Particolare da Polittico di Valleromita Gentile da Fabriano

CORONATION OF THE VIRGIN , from The Romita Polyptych Valley (Val Romita is a place near Fabriano) , dated around 1400 and now preserved in the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan.
Together with the ‘ Adoration of the Magi, is one of the pivotal works of Gentile da Fabriano.

In its iconographic program involves , in the center , the ‘ Coronation of the Virgin flanked by Saints Francis , Dominic, Jerome and Mary Magdalene . A ‘ work of the Franciscan conception and neo-feudal , functional to the ascetic practice of the time.

The Altarpiece is now dismembered and missing the Crucifixion that had to be high above the scene of the Coronation .
Excluding missing , including nine panels , the largest of which is in the center, with the scene of the Coronation of the Virgin.
The painting has a contemplative , religious, devotional , with clear reference to the metaphysical dimension and protective of the LORD.

Dominate the elegance , gold , bright colors .
The result is a unique refinement , which is not understandable “in toto ” because of the dismemberment of the Altarpiece , already happened in 1811 when it was brought to the Museo di Brera in Milan.