The sermon of St. Peter, Beato Angelico
La predica di S.Pietro Beato Angelico - in lavorazione

Reproduction of SAINT PETER’S THAT THE GOSPEL IN SAN MARCO Tabernacle Linaioli, by Fra Angelico.

One sees that the first apostle wooden pulpit from a hexagonal base preaches to the crowd while sitting on the left St. Mark’s writing, with the help of a novice kneeling that holds the ink.

Involved in the scene many characters dressed in the fashion of the time, while the background is composed of a series of buildings in perspective, recall that, more or less faithfully, with great views of Florentine painting finishing (the bell tower of the Abbey, Palace old, etc.)..

The shape of the figure of St. Peter and the composition with the characters in profile and from behind reminiscent of some of the frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel, in particular the Resurrection of the Son of Theophilus and St Peter Enthroned by Masaccio. The spatial depth is greater than in previously painted scenes.