il primo stampo fatto a mano da Andrea Ippoliti

Once again to mark the exhibition of 2004 on the Della Rovere family, I involved the pasta maker Serenella Ventura of Senigallia, for the creation of the “raviolo” dedicated to the Della Rovere family.  

This collaboration led to the creation of “Roverelle” pasta, a stuffed egg pasta made in the shape of an oak leaf. Andrea Ippoliti prepared the first mould that enabled the creation of the first roverelle: having verified that everything was up to standard, the pasta has been in production ever since. The stuffing is a blend of cow’s ricotta cheese and black truffle originating from the lands of the former Grand Dukedom.

Roverelle pasta is available for purchase from “La Sfoglia” fresh pasta shop, Via Portici Ercolani 15, Senigallia, telephone +39 071 6398.