Madonna from “Polyptych of Valleromita” of Gentile da Fabriano
Madonna da Polittico Valleromita

This board was painted on commission based on a given project by the client : the aim was to make an important and meaningful gift for a group of musicians . The client wanted to donate a work that enshrines if ‘ some very specific symbols : the high quality of performance , devotion to the Virgin Mary, the passion for the art of music , both belonging to the same land , the contractor of the ‘ work from which to take inspiration ( symbolically in this way the client is present in the work ) .

After a long search , the choice fell on two particular of the Polyptych of Valleromita Gentile da Fabriano painted in 1405 for the chapel of St. Mary of Valdisasso at Fabriano and now in the Brera in Milan. In this polyptych I found what the customer asked : high quality , the depiction of the Madonna crowned by her Son ( for devotion ), the presence of the angels playing musical instruments at the bottom ( for the art of music ), the same area of ​​origin both the client and the work.

The customer is very satisfied, chose the Angel Musicians (second from the right, which would be placed symmetrically in front of the Madonna) .

The table has been painted with the intent not to make a faithful copy , but to make a clear interpretation of what my Dear centuries ago has made ​​.

The technique used is the same with which Gentile was working , not out of habit but because otherwise I would not have achieved the same result aesthetic is commonly known as egg tempera on a gold background .

Below you can see some key stages that led from nowhere to work.