The Duke’s bread
il timbro

With the intention of dedicating some bread to Giovanni Della Rovere, Andrea Ippoliti decided to contact the master baker Tonino Minardi of Senigallia. Since August 2004, the “Duke’s Bread” has been available for purchase from the Minardi bakery, this bread is unique its is genre. It is made from organic flour, leavened with pre-ferment and cooked in a wood oven. Prior to rising, the dough is stamped with a mould, which was handmade by Andrea Ippoliti, and which reproduces the Oak tree bearing gold fruits, with the words IO DUX – IO PRE (Giovanni the leader – Giovanni the perfect). This bread won the Italian selection organised by the San Daniele Prosciutto to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its production. The bread can be purchased at the Tonino Minardi bakery, Via Montello, 6 in Senigallia telephone +39 07163404. It is not available on Mondays.