Detail from the Chapel of Mary Magdalene, Giotto’s fresco
Particolare da Cappella della Maddalena Giotto vero affresco

This painting is a wedding gift : who gave it intended to emphasize the idea of ​​service to the community that the couple lives .

In agreement with the client it was considered that this particular stretch of the Magdalene Chapel , painted by Giotto in the Basilica of Assisi lower , to symbolize the idea of service. In addition to the client’s request , on the robe of Mary Magdalene has been inserted an inscription in Latin and Greek decorative replaces the original, so that the invocation of good wishes for the couple is hiding at art .

The painting was executed in true fresco , as the original of a particular support has been laid lime plaster and river sand and plaster “fresh ” has now moved on to painting with colors suitable for fresco . When the plaster is dry , the color is completely fixed by the lime. It was finally passed to the application of gold leaf 24k with the technique of the mission. The result of the fresco is an intense brightness that other techniques can not give, for example, white is not given by the application with a brush, but from having vacated the plaster showing the light of lime .

In the picture below you can see where you took the detail .